ELBO-073 Drahtlose Pool-Alarmanlage


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A wireless pool alarm system is an electronic monitoring device that detects the movement of the water surface, e.g. when children or animals fall into the water.



ELBO-073 Features:

In case the safety sensor detects sufficiently large waves (the sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted), it will automatically send a wireless signal and trigger the siren.

Video pool alarm ELBO-073:

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Advantages of ELBO-073:

  • Regardless of the height of the water level and the type of shore (suitable for swimming pools of any kind or garden ponds)
  • High degree of protection IP67 for various environmental conditions (suitable for pools with typical chemical water treatment and for salt water)
  • Bidirectional communication (ensures high reliability of signal transmission)
  • Possible adjustment of sensor sensitivity (threshold setting by environment and filter)
  • Automatic activation (automatic activation after 30 s when the water level is calm)
  • Standby mode (suitable for bathing time, automatic activation of the alarm after 2 min when the water level is calm)
  • Long range (outdoors up to 300 m)
  • Loud siren (up to 95 dBm)
  • It is possible to use a repeater (amplifier to increase the range)
  • Coupling with other receivers for the supply of the entire house
  • Power supply of the transmitter (sensor) 1x 3V CR123 Battery life 1 year
  • Receiver power supply (siren) 230 VAC/50 H
Packaging ELBO-073 contains:
  • Swimming pool sensor (transmitter)
  • Siren (receiver)
  • Suction cup (for sensor mounting)
  • String
  • 1 batteries 3V CR123
  • Operating instructions



Technical Parameter

Art BellWireless
Power supplyNetwork (230 V/ 50 Hz)
Volume95 dB
Consumption2 VA
Working temperature0 °C to 50 °C
Range into the open space300 m
Range into buildings30 m
Empfindlichkeit-102 dBm
Speisung3 V CR123
HF-Leistung10 mW
Frequenz433, 92 MHz
Batterielebensdauer1 Jahr
Arbeitstemperatur10 °C bis 50 °C


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